Calendar Highlight: Get on the Bus! This Thursday

The Indivisible Bus is bringing a big sign and stopping in Wheaton for voter registration and a rally.

Go check it out–10:30-12noon in Wheaton’s Central Park this Thursday, June 22.

From Wheaton, the bus will be traveling up to Barrington.

Why Barrington?

Because that’s where Rep. Roskam has one of his two, conveniently located offices, of course!

For a look at Roskam’s Barrington location through the eyes of local protesters, check out this article:

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Illinois Budget Crisis Threatens Our Schools

You may have noticed the marquee outside your local school proclaiming a Twitter hashtag directed at lawmakers in Springfield recently: #PassILBudget.

More than 400 school district superintendents from across Illinois are uniting to urge state legislators to immediately pay school districts millions of dollars in missed payments and to pass a long-term fair school-funding formula.

In DuPage County, the State of Illinois currently owes Naperville Community Unit School District $9 million, Indian Prairie School District $15 million, Wheaton Community School District $6 million, and Downers Grove Community High School District $2 million.

Most of the money the state owes these districts is designated to helping students in the most need, such as students with special needs and students in English Language Learner programs.

You can make your voice heard in Springfield by letting your representatives know that you support full and fair funding for our schools:

  • Tell your state legislator to demand fair school funding, payments to schools that are owed, and a bipartisan end to the budget crisis. Click here to find your state legislator.
  • Attend the Rally for Fair School Funding in Springfield on May 17.
  • Use the #PassILBudget on Twitter to join the conversation online.

Is your school cutting programs as a result of the budget crisis?  Let us know at

Post by guest blogger Adam, a DuPage County teacher

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Best Signs of Science March

According to the Washington Post, April 24, tens of thousands all over the world, marched for science on Earth Day weekend.

The Washington march led by Bill Nye, the Science Guy and activist, was one of over 600 rallies held throughout the US and around the globe.

Chicago’s March was one of the largest in the world! Over 40,000 people made their way to Grant park. By noon, the police had begun asking those who had not joined the rally in the park to turn back. (Ha!)

The Washington Post collected a bunch of great signs from all over (and under) the world. Need a dose of smart humor? Check out the best signs here.

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March On in April

April is shaping up to be a great month for marching!  By the end of the month, there will be five – count ‘em five – marches at the local, state, and national level.  Consider attending one to make your voice heard, speak up for what you believe in, and have a little fun, too.

This is a great time to mention that our Community Calendar includes information about each of these marches and a feature to easily add them to your personal calendar.  Take a look!  

On April 14 (UPDATE- this march was rescheduled to 4/21, 10:30am-12:30pm) there is a local march in West Chicago at the office of Peter Roskam, US Representative for the 6th District of IL.  Representative Roskam has been inaccessible to his constituents and has refused to hold town hall meetings, so Friends Who March are bringing the town hall to him.  Last time we attended a protest at Roskam’s office, there were great new friends to have dinner with afterwards; protesting is a great way to meet people! Additional details on our community calendar.

On April 15 there are two local Tax Marches in Chicago and Naperville.   This movement has grown from Donald Trump’s promise to release his tax returns and the public demanding he do that now. Modern presidents are expected to share their tax returns as a gesture of transparency, to allow the public to review their financial standings.  There’s a general feeling of unease that Trump refuses to share his tax returns… what is he hiding? Additional details on our community calendar.

On April 22, Earth Day,  there is a Science March in downtown Chicago, near the Museum Campus.  This is a sister march of the March for Science in Washington DC on the same day.  This movement is a response to the dangers science faces if the Trump administration continues on its current path.  Stand up on April 22 for the scientific community, funding scientific processes, and continued exploration! Additional details on our community calendar.

On April 25, all are welcome to join the Illinois Women March on Springfield for a day of advocacy, lobbying, and a large rally at the state capitol.  The focus of this march is to bring people together, similar to the January 21 women’s marches, and promote a progressive agenda that focuses on issues that affect women and, generally, people.  Check out our calendar posting to learn how you can get a free ride to and from the march from Chicago on march-day.  

So, you have five marches to choose from.  Get out there, make your voice known, and meet some new friends!  If we’re going to be voices for a more just and fair society, we need to stand up to be counted.  Keep showing up, standing tall, and marching on!

Is this your first march?  Feeling unsure about what to bring or what the day might hold?  No worries!  Prepare by checking out this site to make sure you’re in the know and feel prepared.

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Resistance Tech Powers Action

Wouldn’t it be great if you could track political issues that are important to you, text Congress when you’re irked and want to weigh-in on a vote, and keep tabs on those who are supposed to represent your interests?

Old-school methods, as recent as last year, were hard to navigate without a reference librarian at your elbow.

But lucky for us, tech pros have embraced the resistance movement, and are rapidly introducing new user-friendly apps, sites and programs to help us easily research and react to political activities. What’s more – they enable meaningful and constructive contributions to the political debate so your voice is heard.

Case in point, how cool was the Women’s March app ? We found it super helpful before, during and after the march, and best of all, it didn’t crash! The app still continues to provide relevant content — long after we all went home. The powerhouse social media design company Double Dutch created the app pro bono. You can see the app’s story here.

Since then, the March on DuPage team (as well as our friends and family) have tried out several “resistance tech,” and we were quite impressed with how easy these apps and sites are to use. (Just remember to practice safe internet usage always.)

Here are a few to start with:

Thanks to Sister Karin for sharing these 3 items:

  • Resist Bot:  Sister Karin writes: “this awesome site takes your texts and sends them to your congresspeople as faxes. Easy and fun.” She’s right. We’ve been using this several weeks and it’s so easy. It’s also recommended on several movements’ sites.
  • 5 Calls:  is an app and a website whereby you can call your representatives and let them know your needs. It contains scripts for a variety of up to date issues.
  • Move-on:  Move-on isn’t just about petitions. Every week they have a call in phone call with resistance strategists. If you want to listen to past calls go here:

What “resistance tech” do you use or recommend? We’d love to hear your suggestions. Email us

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We the People

The mission statement for the 2017 Women’s March begins:

“In the spirit of Democracy…”

The three of us attended that historic march on Washington in January. We rode bus 619 from Naperville for 14 hours.

We came home ready to build a “grassroots movement to create change,” right here at home.

And we aren’t alone! Since then, new groups have sprung up all over DuPage County. Other organizations are newly invigorated. What could we add to the growing local landscape of activism?

We decided to focus on doing what we do well: communicate about the place we know and what’s happening around us.

We all write and communicate for a living. Between us, we have lived and worked in DuPage County for over 50 years.

March On! DuPage is a website designed to connect local citizens to news and events that matter to DuPage County and Illinois. Occasionally, we might have an opinion or two to share as well.

Scroll through the community calendar. Check out organizations hosting a nearby meeting or rally, or become more informed about issues that matter to you. Click on an event and load it into your personal calendar. Send a photo or tell us about the event afterward.

Our goal is to post news and events that support the mission of the Women’s March, to empower citizens with the information we need to champion human rights, dignity and justice.

March on, DuPage!

Julie, Lucinda, Jennifer

Featured image by Mark Dixon.  Article image by Julie.

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